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Here at Simple Union we are always eager to spread our knowledge.

Whether you are a User Interface know-it-all or ready for your first dip, these UI tips will be resoundingly helpful!

Featuring great graphics that illustrate their useful guidelines, will help you grasp a...

The Game of OS: Car Edition

In Car Systems are quickly becoming as diverse as the rest of technology.

We began to sense a shift when the type of operating system on our computers and phones created a separation in the market place. IPhones were easily coupled with Apple products, and the Microsoft...

Computers Read Human Faces Better

In a recent UC San Diego study, sociologists were able to determine that computers could more easily read human faces.

When asked to guess which image was pain out of two images, one fake and one real, humans in the study had a very low success rate, 55%.


Simple Union meets Adobe

Mostly everyone in the creative field works with adobe software on day-to-day basis. On March 1st, 2013 Danielle Beaumont who is product manager of adobe Muse, invited to me to meet her and the design/engineering team behind Adobe Muse and Edge Animate.

If your unfamiliar with Muse or...

SU Firefox Extension Released

Since Firefox 4 Panorama has enabled you to visually organize tabs into groups. You can see a video for how it works here. We find this feature very useful for organizing common browser tabs into easy to reference tab-groups. The only problem is understanding what tab-group you are using when...