Simple Union meets Adobe

Mostly everyone in the creative field works with adobe software on day-to-day basis. On March 1st, 2013 Danielle Beaumont who is product manager of adobe Muse, invited to me to meet her and the design/engineering team behind Adobe Muse and Edge Animate.

If your unfamiliar with Muse or Edge Animate here are some general descriptions:

Is software that lets designers create HTML websites for desktop and mobile devices, without writing code. Design web-standard sites the way you design print layouts. Use familiar features, hundreds of web fonts, and built-in tools to add interactivity.

Edge Animate:
Is a new motion and interaction tool for creating animated, interactive content using HTML,
JavaScript and CSS. Edge Animate is designed to be powerful yet approachable and easy to use.

It was a beautiful sunny Friday in San Francisco and the air was fresh, the people were smiling and the day was yet to unfold.

As I arrived at the adobe headquarters I was greeted by a huge brick building with a powerful Brand Mark that commands the surrounding area. As I waked into the lobby, I couldn’t help but notice all the Display cases full of awards and ribbons. In the distance I could see Dani, I looked at her and made eye contact and she announced “Aaron?” I replied back “Yes, you must be Dani?” ( I remembered her from the tutorials that I have watched). We shook hands and she provided me with an official Adobe Badge. I was in.

At this time Dani lead the way to the cafeteria and we picked out some lunch. I had the “adobe” salad and Dani enjoyed the rice and chicken with an Indian mass-ala sauce. Dani and I have a lot in common and have no trouble keeping the conversation going, we talked a lot about Design and how it has evolved into more than just making something look good but thinking thru how the design works from a users perspective. After lunch we headed up stairs to a empty meeting room were we just sat and chatted.

Dani mentioned that she really liked my personal portfolio website and would like for me to share and talk about my work with the Adobe Design and Development teams. I could barely hold my excitement! We talked for a little longer and Dani was nice enough to share some really nice work examples that she had designed. The handle on the doors moves and there walks in the design/development team, really smart looking guys with laptops in hand, mostly young with a casual appearance. We introduce ourselves and they call in a few other Adobe Engineers just to over-hear our conversation. We all sat in circle formation, each of use with laptops in our laps. A quick moment of silence goes by before I began to share my monitor display with the team. I felt very comfortable and was very communicative about the techniques involved in the design, both parties had questions like “Can you show us the details of that technique?” or “What would you like to see added in the upcoming releases?” It was really nice for once to not be the guy taking notes.


We walked through most of the work and I was happy to provide any insight. We finished our pow-wow and was given a tour of the rest of the office space where it was great to meet such talented nice people.
Dani and I ended our afternoon together with some brief words and a high five!

I left the head quarters in a state of bliss. The realization of happiness and purpose comes to us through ones own personal intent. This personal intent is a individual choice that creates the ground work for ones experiences and by looking at the outside world, we learn that nature is the grand perspective that helps guide one to a deeper understanding of life and with that being said—Life is an experience and today was one of grandness!







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