The Game of OS: Car Edition

In Car Systems are quickly becoming as diverse as the rest of technology.

We began to sense a shift when the type of operating system on our computers and phones created a separation in the market place. IPhones were easily coupled with Apple products, and the Microsoft phones meshed with the Windows 8 generation of personal computers. Android maintained a strong presence, a median between two contrasting technological ideologies and other alternatives.

Applications could become selective with which market place they would enter. The gap widened even further when user interface became intuitively different. Every brand was creating their personal version of everything. Alliances to products formed.

And now it is happening in cars.

With the recent demo release of Microsoft’s Windows in the car concept and Apple’s CarPlay, the operating system an individual uses will impinge on more than just the type of chargers you buy.

Imagine making a decision on a vehicle based on the operating system’s compatibility with your cellphone.

White labeled, non-definitive operating systems will hit the market at the same time-likely providing the ambiguity and usefulness that Google’s Android did.

We still have some time to declare our allegiance, for most of these systems have yet to become available for purchase.

Find more information at The Verge .

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Written by Aimee Echols

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